1. New Beginnings


Memories that feel like home
Sifting through the thoughts and
Feeling all alone
You wonder how you wound up here
Not knowing where to go

Remember this is not the end
Don’t you dare give up,
Don’t you dare give in.
You’ve got so much left to do
And still, so much left unsaid

They’re running on and on these

Memories, don’t define the person you were
Meant to be, I know it’s hard but you weren’t
Meant to see, how the experience leads to New Beginnings

It wasn’t right to be, caught inside a cycle of your
Misery, it’s not the end my friend you’ve
Been set free, you can finally see a New Beginning.

Take your steps and don’t forget
To keep your head up high and don’t you ever quit
The best is yet to come for you so please, believe me when I say
You’re gonna make it past these